Design Services

3D Scanning, CNC Machining and CAD Component Design and Development

Our skilled team can bring your idea to life. Through our unique design process, and superior technology our team is able to do anything from a concept design, to full manufacturing solution.  

There are many CNC machining companies but what sets us apart is our manufacturing consultancy expertise and our design capabilities. Being able to offer both in-house saves you money and ensures the process runs as smoothly as possible.

In terms of design, we can reverse engineer a component or product with 3D scanning. In addition, we can design from scratch using the latest CAD component design technologies

Manufacturing Consultancy

There are many CNC machining companies but what distinguishes us is our exceptional manufacturing consultancy knowledge and design capabilities. The fact that we provide both services in-house not only saves you money but also guarantees a streamlined process.

Speaking of design, we have the ability to perform reverse engineering of components or products using 3D scanning. This means we can analyse and recreate an existing item in a digital format. Moreover, we excel in designing from scratch, utilising the most up-to-date CAD technologies to create innovative and precise designs.

U-DEK Cutting

Using a number of the activities outlined on this page, we can 3D scan your boat or caravan, and create a digital model. Our design team will then custom design U-DEK flooring for your boat or caravan in consultation with you and your specific design style. 

Once the first part of the process is completed, our team will use our CNC machine to custom cut your U-DEK flooring, which can include logos and words, and then our team in the workshop we install the flooring.  

CAD Component Design

With our proficient in-house CAD Component Design expertise, we have the ability to transform your ideas and rough sketches into tangible creations. To accomplish this, we employ 3D modeling technology, allowing you to visualise a digital representation of the component or product we are developing.

Moreover, we embrace a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) approach in all our product and component development endeavours. This means that we consider the manufacturing process right from the design phase. Our knowledge in this area is derived from our extensive experience in manufacturing, as well as our understanding of the practicalities involved in ensuring efficient and cost-effective production of products and components.

3D Scanning

We have a high-tech handheld scanner that allows us to scan objects either in our workshop or directly at the project site, depending on what works best for you. The scanning process gives incredibly accurate results.

After scanning, our team can make improvements to the design to make your production process smoother, before moving on to the next steps like creating prototypes and manufacturing moulds.

We also have special boards that can turn your paper drawings into digital copies, so you don't have to worry about losing or damaging them.

Our Process

You have an idea

Youve had a great idea, but need some help bringing it to life? We will catch up with you to understand what it is you are after, and explain how we can help

We get to work

We start working to bring the idea to life, there are many ways we can do this via our 3D Scanner, CAD Design, making plugs and moulds.

Job done!

We supply you with the finished product or design, ensuring you are happy with what we have developed for you.